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Property Management Services

Impartial Chairman Services

Vero Property Management provides Impartial Chairman Services to condominium corporations not under their direct management. Our responsibilities are to oversee at the annual general or specially requested meetings of residents or Boards to assist during times when a degree of conflict or obstruction may exist.

Property Mediation Services

An alternative to arbitration or legal processes, Vero Property Management provides mediation services as a conflict resolution procedure to outside boards and/or residents.

Court Appointed Administrator Services

Called upon by the provincial judicial system, Joe Vero is often requested and appointed by the courts as an in-term administrator, responsible for overseeing and assisting condominium properties that have fallen into financial or structural distress.

Accounting Services for Property Management Companies

Vero offers in-house accounting support services to outside property management companies in support of their condominium clients. Providing you cost effective accounting support and efficient management of your human resources.

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