Property Management in Mississauga

If you need condominium management in Mississauga, consider choosing Vero Property Management Services Inc. We have over seventeen years of experience managing condominiums in southern Ontario. We offer the latest systems for administration and communications, and provide expert support with law, engineering, and administration. Some of the responsibilities we handle include:

  • Valuation - Vero Property Management Services Inc. understands the value of condominiums in the GTA is high. As a respected property management company in Mississauga, we can help evaluate what your condos have to offer.
  • Communication - To facilitate communication and coordination, we offer software to keep support personnel in touch with condominium communities. All past and present transactions, requests, work orders (etc.) are issued and recorded for your peace of mind.
  • Legal Aid - Vero collects all relevant condominium documents (per the Condominium Act of Ontario) and respect the scope of residents’ and boards’ rights and responsibilities. If need be, we can provide mediation services to resolve conflicts between residents, providing an alternative to legal action.
  • Administration - We offer impartial chairman services for meetings to keep proceedings running smoothly. Joe Vero serves as an administrator to assist properties experiencing financial difficulties or structural distress.

Vero Property Management Inc. has a reputation for excellent condominium management in Mississauga and the GTA. Contact us at (905) 696-8376 for proposal request or other services.