Property and Condominium Management in Vaughan

Vero Property Management is one of the leading property management companies in Vaughan. We have a proven track record of delivering quality services throughout southern Ontario for over 17 years.

We offer full-range property management for Vaughan condominiums including administrative and financial services. Vero Property Management utilises our team’s knowledge and experience to provide solutions for a wide range of issues, including: energy consumption, expenditures, security, labour, and contracting.

Vero Property Management provides commercial, residential, and specialty condominium management throughout Vaughan. We understand the specific needs of each property type:

  • Commercial. We protect the investment of commercial property owners by caring for the safety and general appearance of the facility. We also manage reserve funds and establish efficient on-site services.
  • Residential. We handle the infrastructure, reserves, expenditures, of the property, and cater to the lifestyle needs of each tenant.
  • Specialty. We offer:
    • Impartial Chairman Services (overseeing and assisting in medium- to high-conflict meetings of residents or boards)
    • Property Mediation Services (providing conflict resolution to residents and/or board members)
    • Court-Appointed Administrator Services
    • Accounting Services for Property Management Companies

Our seasoned and award-winning team of property managers, staff, and service providers prioritizes client experience and takes advantage of the most current systems for communications and administration to meet the needs of residents and board members alike.

Entrust the property management of your Vaughan condominiums to a reputable and experienced company.

Send Vero Property Management a request for a proposal or a status certificate via our contact page, or give us a call at (905) 696-8376 to discuss why we’re qualified to be your premier property manager.