The Condominium Report

Property Management

Joe Vero provides real life insights into issues that effect many condominiums today. Our goal is to provide condominium boards a venue to ask real property management questions and get professional advice. In each session below we have spoken to common issues affecting many properties across Toronto, and to answer them in both a legal and relative manner.

With Vero Property Management you can get the answers your condominium board needs to help you make the correct decisions for your property!


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The Condominium Report

Sunday June 25 2017

Ethics & Condominium Management.

The Condominium Report with Joe Vero, host Jamie Tawil, and guest Glenn Daurio from Daurio & Franklin LLP Sunday June 25nd, 2017.


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The Condominium Report

Sunday January 22 2017

A review of the condominium act.

The Condominium Report with Joe Vero, and host Jamie Tawil, from Sunday January 22nd, 2017.


The Condominium Report

February 19th - 2017

Condominium Insurance 

Joe Vero & guests talk about condominium insurance and what it means to you the unit owner.

The Condominium Report

March 19th - 2017

People, Pets & Parking 

Joe Vero and guests talk about common condominium issues and responsibilities of the board.