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As the condominium industry has grown to a remarkable level of home ownership in Ontario, practitioners of condominium law are witnessing unique and growing trends relevant to a wide variety of ownership issues and corporation affairs and practices. These trends are expected to continue in their relevance and new complaints are being brought forward as the need for interpretations and legal advisement are being pressed into the public forum.

Some recent factors that are influencing condominium corporations;

– Declining participation of unit owners in the condominium’s affairs
– Growth in condo purchasing for the purpose of investor and foreign investor ownership
– Affects of new condo concepts; Parking facilities, Commercial facilities, Hotels
– Unduly and self entitled owners and residents
– Frauds against condominium corporations
– Hoarding and residents with mental health issues
– Complex legal and regulatory environment and their affects on rights and responsibilities
– Abuse of powers and position

This page is not provided as an interpretation of these trends as they are applied to the Condominium Act, but as an awareness of some of the pressing factors that are becoming important in their understanding and the managing of an effective corporation to the benefit of the home owners and Board of Directors responsible for their care.

Here are a couple of links to applicable web sites that in our opinion offer a healthy awareness and discussions of many relevant trends important to the effective operation of a condominium corporation.