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For over seventeen years, Vero Property Management Services Inc. has been among the leading property management companies in Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, and other areas across southern Ontario.

We are the preferred choice of property owners for superior condominium management services. We have helped residential and commercial properties in Toronto and southern Ontario achieve premier condominium status by delivering effective community services and financial controls for the benefit of all residents.

Our award-winning staff utilises only the most current systems for administration and communication. We are supported by experts with only the strongest credentials in finance, law, and engineering.

As a property management company serving the GTA, we are proud to have a team of over 25 experts offering services for commercial, residential, and special condominium owners. We offer:

  • Proprietary software systems for efficient client service
  • Effective finance, administration, and project oversight
  • Sustainable properties that address client lifestyle needs

Today’s condominiums are experiencing even greater annual budgets, regulations, and service expectations. Delivering the right services to your condominium corporation -- transparently, ethically, and efficiently -- is the key to Vero Property Management’s success.

At Vero, we offer: impartial chairman, property mediation, court-appointed administrator, and accounting services for property owners with specialized needs. Our transparent, ethical, and efficient delivery of property management services to companies in Toronto is a major reason for our success.

Contact us to discuss why Vero Property Management should be your condominium’s property manager. Have our team oversee your residential and commercial properties and reap the benefits.

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Current with condominium valuations

Current condominium valuations are often at all-time highs and may contradict with residential needs and service expectations.


Gaining momentum with expertise

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience of providing top-notch condominium management services.


Sustainable solutions that work

Vero provides solutions for systemic issues such as energy consumption, reserved fund expenditures, security, labour practices, and supplier contracts.


Effective, professional results

Our work is measured by the success and satisfaction of the Board of Directors and the residents that receive our exclusive care.

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Changes in the Condominium Act...

Vero Property Management will be introducing a new videos series covering changes in the new condominium act


All News Archive

“Joe Vero of Vero Property Management interviewed by Toronto media on changes to the provincial condominium regulations announced today by the Ontario Government.”

Listen to the Condominium Report with Joe Vero on 640AM. Joe Vero has taken his experience to the radio. He will be sharing knowledge and brining in subject matter experts to help you understand the ins and outs of condominium living, board, and property management. If you have missed a session you can listen to it here.

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"I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, at your Management Office.  Her calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. I was stressed at having to move material out of the home, whilst the service elevator was not available. Over the years, she has shown immense patience, understanding and respect in her  composure to many tenants. Her remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm's employee's is an indication of future success, then Gina has a very bright future."

Sincerely, Moe